Zarchiver apk Latest Version [0.9.1] Download on Android for Free

ZArchicer apk is the perfect tool for archive management. This file managing tool can archive various files such as zip, bzip2, gzip, tar, XZ, 7zip, etc. Whether you just want to see inside of a compressed file or just want to create a compressed file using several files in the internal or external memory of the device, Zarchiver will complete it in a matter of a second. It is super easy to use this application and it manages the files in your device smoothly in a methodical manner. It lets you compress, decompress, view and extract archives easily. So with ZArchiver apk download, you’ll be able to maintain the files in your Android device in an advanced manner.

Zarchiver apk Download
ZArchiver apk Download

How ZArchiver apk functions?

  • This app consists of different formats to create compressed files such as 7z (7zip), bzip2 (bz2), zip, gzip (gz), tar. Plus, XZ.
  • Vice versa it has the ability to decompress files that come in formats such as 7z, rar, zip, bzip2, XZ, gzip, iso, tar, cab, zipx, lzma, arj, lzh, tgz, lha, xar, tbz, rpm, Z, deb, and mtz.
  • It can also view files of different formats like 7z, rar, zip, bzip2, XZ, iso, gzip,  tar, arj, lzh, lha, cab, lzma, tgz, tbz, xar, Z, deb, zipx rpm, and mtz. The best thing of viewing files using ZArchiver apk is that it can even show you the content in password protected contents.

In this way, ZArchiver functions in different modes to let you handle the files in your systematically as per your wish.

Features of ZArchiver apk

Other than the aforementioned common functions of the ZArchiver apk, it is packed with many other cool features. Thus,

  • You can compose and decompress the password protected archives.
  • It lets you adit the archives by adding and removing diverse files to/from archives. (7zip, zip, tar, mtz, apk)
  • It also creates and decompresses the multi-part archives in varied formats like 7z, rar (rar is only to decompress.)
  • Supports the partial archive decompression.
Zarchiver apk
Zarchiver apk
  • ZArchiver opens and views the compressed files on your device.
  • Even it lets you open the archive files on mail applications.
  • Supports the extraction of split archives like zip, 7z, and  rar (zip.001, 7z.001, z01, part1.rar,)
  • It is with multithreading support which is beneficial for multicore processors.
  • The UTF-8/ UTF-16 support in changing the names of the files. Even you can change the filenames with national symbols.
  • There’s no need to enable multi-select mode when using this application. You can just choose files by simply tapping on the app icon at the left corner of the file name.

It is precisely clear that we are given a great opportunity when modifying and managing the files in the Android device by ZArchiver apk.

Are you wondering to get this app on to your device? It is just a simple thing.

How to download and install the Zarchiver apk?

  1. Download the ZArchiver apk.
  2. Go to Settings and turn on “Unknown sources” option from the security section. (Settings➔ Security ➔ Unknown sources➔ ✔️/Enable)
  3. Open the downloaded apk from the “Downloads” folder.
  4. Finally, tap on the “install” option and wait until the installation completes.

Viola!! Now you can very easily manage the files on your device.

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