Pokemon Go Mod apk Free Download for Android (The last version)

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is an AR (Augmented Reality) game for both Android and iOS devices which is developed by Niantic. These games have gained a huge nowadays since the launch of it in July 2016. This game is with more than 150 million active users by making more and more profits to the crew. We can see a continuing success in Pokémon GO as the number of downloads and number of times the people engage in playing this game increase in huge numbers day by day. As a result, many third-party apps are now available on the Android app market to let users play games easily. Pokemon Go Mod apk is one such app to help you in playing this game super easily.

Pokemon Go Mod apk free
Pokemon Go Mod apk free

When playing this game we feel like we are in the real world. It is because it uses device GPS to locate the Pokemon and for other stuff in the game. It will give the real essence of the real world along with the game. That may be a key reason for the huge popularity of the app. However, to continue the gameplay, you have to deal in in-app purchase which you will need to shell out some real money. But Don’t worry!! Pokemon Go Mod apk is there to help you.

What is Pokemon Go Mod apk?

This app takes the total control of Gyms or the actual world goals. Further, Pokemon Go Mod is beneficial to grab more items from the original game for free. It helps you to level-up in the game super smoothly by finding the nearby Pokemon efficiently. You will really love this app because this is the ultimate tool for all Pokemon Go game lovers to level up.

Pokemon Go Mod apk
Pokemon Go Mod apk

With Pokemon Go Mod apk Download;

  • Auto walk feature which you don’t need to walk on roads.
  • Consists of Joystick Controls.
  • Lets you play the game even in a country which does not support the game playing.
  • No risk of banning.
  • Complete the personnel Pokedex section.
  • Easy to uplift your levels in the game.
  • Integrated with an in-built Pokémon finder.
  • Farm Pokemon who resembles the farm animals like Mareep, farfetch’d, spoink, milktank, etc.
  • Pokemon Go Mod apk lets you enjoy rare Coordinates of the game.

Get Pokemon Go Mod apk to your device.

There are several ways to get this app on to your Android device. You can make use of Xposed modules, Lucky Patcher, Joystick method and many other third-party tools for the successful implementation of Pokemon Go Mod apk. Each method has their own benefits and here we will bring you one common method to get this app on to your device easily.

  1. At first, download and install
    1. Pokemon Go Mod apk.
    2. Hide Mock Location Module App
    3. Mock Location (FAKE GPS) App
  2. Then, activate the Hide Mock Location Module App by the Xposed installer.
  3. Open the Hide Mock Location Module App
  4. Select Pokemon Go Mod apk and reboot your device.
  5. Now, Open the app and minimize it.
  6. Just press on your current location and then on the location that you want to access.
  7. Tap on the “Green tick button” after choosing the route.
  8. After that, Set speed to 40|20.
  9. Finally, open the Pokemon Go and start walking and enjoy the ease of your home.